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Explore the Singles Vault: Top Pokémon TCG Singles Coming Soon!

Here at Aards Cards Ltd we've been striving to achieve this feat for a considerable period of time. When we embarked on this pleasure project, the goal was, and remains, to make thousands of singles readily available at the click of a finger. Encompassing a swathe of different cards, art styles and types, we hope to bring you a variety of interesting and accessible singles, to complete your master sets and serve as a valuable resource for trading card collectors. 


What is the 'Singles Vault'?

The Singles Vault is the name we've given to our collection of singles on our website Aards Cards, it is not entirely different from other singles collections out there, but we endeavour to provide a more personalised experience, with high quality trading cards, scanned by ourselves. You will be able to find our 'Singles Vault' soon, once it goes live it will be accessible through the main menu on our site, a blog post will also go live notifying any and everyone. As mentioned, it won't function too differently from what you've experienced previously, images detailing our singles are to be considered stock images, and we guarantee a certain level of condition and quality in each of our singles, for more information consult our Single Card Condition Policy.


What sort of singles will be available?

Well, a range. To name a few, the 'Singles Vault' will have Trainer Galleries, Galarian Galleries, Alternate Arts, Special Illustration Rares, V and VStars, amongst lots of others. To begin with, the aim is to provide a comprehensive range of Pokémon cards, and to branch out in to different trading card games as time progresses. This list will run through some examples of the sort of cards that will be available at its inception. 

Glaceon VMAX SWSH Evolving Skies 209/203

Beedrill V SWSH Astral Radiance 161/189

Starmie V SWSH Astral Radiance TG13/TG30


Gengar SWSH Lost Origin TG06/TG30

Suicune V SWSH Crown Zenith GG38/GG70

Mewtwo EX XY Evolutions 103/108

Umbreon & Darkrai GX SM241 Black Star Promo

Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX S&M Cosmic Eclipse 258/236

Brock's Grit XY Evolutions 107/108

Charizard ex SV 151 183/165

 Why purchase singles?

Whilst everyone loves cracking open a sealed booster pack, or elite trainer box, sealed products such as these can be a gamble, buying singles ensures you get ahold of the cards you are really after. Here at Aards Cards, we suggest striking a balance of enjoyment, opening sealed products initially, and then purchasing singles in order to complete your master sets once you've established your own collection. This of course is entirely up to you, buying sealed products and singles can be enjoyable avenues for collectors, and both come with their own benefits.


Conclusion: Unlock Your Collection's Potential

The Singles Vault is set to be your go-to source for Pokémon TCG singles. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, our comprehensive range of high-quality singles will help you build and complete your collection. Stay tuned for the launch, and don't miss the chance to explore the Singles Vault at Aards Cards Ltd!


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