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About Us:

Aards Cards Ltd (Formerly "Aardvark Trading Limited") is a small business that strives to make great quality products more accessible.

Growing up collecting and playing various trading card games, including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon and Magic: The Gathering we have always been very involved in the trading card scene.

Today, our love for the hobby continues and we hope to offer a trustworthy storefront, great prices and reliable shipping, to scratch that trading card itch.

Trade name: Aards Cards Ltd 

Phone number: +44 7588 310319

Email: contact@aardscards.co.uk

Registered Office Address: Aards Cards Ltd, 21A Ipswich Road, NR2 2LN, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

VAT number:422485406

Trade number:14280314