Twilight Masquerade: A Week in Review

Twilight Masquerade Overview

Just one week ago, Pokémon released the highly anticipated new set, Twilight Masquerade. A little over two months from the release of Temporal Forces, Twilight Masquerade, the sixth main series expansion in the Scarlet & Violet era, has not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. Known for its impressive card designs, and art styles, the Scarlet & Violet era continues to flourish with this new addition to the Pokémon TCG sphere. 

Delving in to the land of Kitakami, and featuring four renditions of the mysterious, masked Legendary Pokémon Ogerpon, Twilight Masquerade continues on emerging themes from Temporal Forces, and ACE SPEC cards make a return. In this post we will dive in to the playable and chase cards, the sets playability and more!

Chase and Playable Cards from Twilight Masquerade

Whilst the term 'chase card' is entirely subjective, our list details the most valuable cards from Twilight Masquerade. Prices are taken from cardmarket's average price and are correct at the time of publishing:

10 Most Valuable Twilight Masquerade Cards

Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon ex Special Illustration Rare (TWM 212) - £25.52  
Eevee Illustration Rare (TWM 188) - £25.52
Teal Mask Ogerpon ex Special Illustration Rare (TWM 211) - £29.77
Kieran Special Illustration Rare (TWM 218) £34.03
Lana's Aid Special Illustration Rare (TWM 219) £38.28
Perrin Special Illustration Rare (TWM 220) £42.54
Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex Special Illustration Rare (TWM 213) £46.79
Carmine Special Illustration Rare (TWM 217) £66.35
Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex Special Illustration Rare (TWM 216) £76.56
Greninja ex Special Illustration Rare (TWM 214) £78.26


    Playable Cards from Twilight Masquerade

    Early indications suggest there are plenty of playable cards in the Twilight Masquerade set, this non exhaustive list details some below:

    Legacy Energy (TWM 167)
    "Legacy Energy" is a highly versatile and strategically significant card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It provides every type of Energy, supporting any Pokémon regardless of its specific requirements, while simplifying deck management by covering all types with just one unit of Energy at a time. Its defensive capability reduces the opponent's Prize cards by one when the attached Pokémon is Knocked Out, slowing their progress. As an Ace Spec card limited to one per deck, it offers a powerful, unique effect that requires strategic use, adding depth to gameplay by forcing players to decide the best moment to leverage its once-per-game advantage.
    Munkidori (TWM 095)
    The "Munkidori" card is highly playable due to its ability "Adrena-Brain," which allows you to move up to 3 damage counters from one of your Pokémon to one of your opponent's Pokémon once per turn if Munkidori has a Psychic Energy attached. This can significantly disrupt your opponent's strategy and provide healing for your Pokémon. Additionally, its attack "Mind Bend" deals 60 damage and confuses the opponent's Active Pokémon, adding an extra layer of disruption by making it harder for your opponent to execute their plans effectively. These combined effects make Munkidori a versatile and disruptive card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
    Unfair Stamp (TWM 165)
    The "Unfair Stamp" card is highly playable due to its strategic disruption capability. It can be used only if one of your Pokémon was Knocked Out during your opponent's last turn, allowing you to shuffle both players' hands into their decks. You then draw 5 cards while your opponent draws only 2, creating a significant advantage by limiting their options and replenishing your own hand. As an Ace Spec card, its powerful effect is balanced by the restriction of having only one in your deck, making it a valuable tool for turning the tide in challenging situations.
    Dragapult ex (TWM 200)
    The "Dragapult ex" card is highly playable due to its bench protection ability, preventing all damage to it while on the bench, safeguarding it from attacks. Its attack "Phantom Dive" deals 200 damage and places 6 damage counters on the opponent's benched Pokémon, offering significant spread damage and disruption to multiple targets. With high HP and the versatile damage distribution, Dragapult ex can effectively control the battlefield, making it a powerful addition to any deck.
    Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex (TWM 216)
    The "Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex" card is highly playable due to its powerful ability and attack. Its "Seasoned Skill" ability reduces the Energy cost of its "Blood Moon" attack by one Colorless Energy for each Prize card your opponent has taken, making it easier to use as the game progresses. The "Blood Moon" attack deals 240 damage, a significant amount capable of knocking out many Pokémon in one hit. Although Ursaluna ex cannot attack during your next turn after using "Blood Moon," the massive damage output and the scaling Energy cost reduction provide a strong offensive strategy, particularly in the mid to late game when the opponent has taken several Prize cards.

    Collecting Twilight Masquerade 

    If you’re new to collecting Pokemon TCG, or just Twilight Masquerade, look no further than our Twilight Masquerade Collection. Comprising of Elite Trainer Boxes, Booster Packs and Booster Boxes, we have you covered for all of your Twilight Masquerade needs, all at affordable prices. 

    Tips for New Collectors:

    • Research: Before jumping in to the wonderful world of Pokemon TCG, research cards and sets that might be of interest to you. You might also gain an understanding of their playability and value!
    • Condition: Pay attention to the condition of your cards, and how you store them. Card condition is a vital part of a card's value, we suggest card storage solutions such as sleeves, toploaders and binders. Find some on our website from Vault X or Ultra Pro!
    • Networking: Join collector groups on social media to stay updated on trades and new listings, we obviously recommend our TikTok and Instagram!

     Our Favourites

    Leafeon (TWM 011) - As far as common cards go in Pokemon TCG, this is a nice one. A detailed pencil-like illustration from Kuroimori, detailing one of the most coveted and beloved Pokémon out there was always going to hit home!
    Bellibolt (TWM 074) - Cute, with a big belli. What more is there to say?
    Unfair Stamp (TWM 165) - As we've already explored, this card is highly playable, and one might argue, a bit unfair. Look to pick this one up if you're a fan of the playing the Pokémon TCG. 
    Pinsir (TWM 167) - This one is purely down to art, and nostalgia. Pinsir is a classic Pokémon, depicted in Twilight Masquerade in all it's beautiful illustration rare glory. 
    Greninja ex (TWM 214) - Everyone loves a chase card right? Well this is Twilight Masquerade's most valuable, you should be praying to pull this one!

      What did we pull from Twilight Masquerade?


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      Final Thoughts on Twilight Masquerade

      The Twilight Masquerade set is a must-have for any serious Pokémon card collector. With its unique theme, attractive cards, and competitive playability, it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your collection, the Twilight Masquerade set is sure to be a treasured addition. Share your own experiences and collections in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our storefront for the latest additions to our inventory!

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