Top 10 Valuable Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Cards to Collect in 2024

Top 10 Valuable Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Cards to Collect in 2024 

Introduction to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The Pokémon Trading Card Game saw the introduction of its newest era, Scarlet & Violet on March 31st 2023, following the conclusion of Sword & Shield with the highly rated Crown Zenith expansion. With the inception of Scarlet & Violet, came new concepts for players to get their heads around, for example 'Tera Type' Pokémon, the re-introduction of 'ex' Pokémon and a new emphasis on the Paldea region. These changes also encompass a departure from some of the card design present in the Sword & Shield era, this is no more evident than in the silver borders that were introduced, abandonment of rainbow cards and a restructure of the rarity system. At the time of writing, in June 2024 we have seen several expansions, most recently Twilight Masquerade, which features an array of attractive cards, perhaps notably the inclusion of several Mask Ogerpon ex cards. But other notable sets from the new era include the amazingly popular 151 expansion, Paldean Fates and Obsidian Flames. With new sets comes new cards, some of which are rather rare, valuable and sought after, chase cards, if you will. It is these cards we are going to explore throughout the course of this post. 

Why collect Scarlet & Violet cards?

There are many reasons one might collect cards from the Scarlet & Violet era of the Pokémon TCG, first and foremost is the Terastal phenomenon, and return of 'ex' cards which adds a new, unique strategic consideration to the playing card game. Furthermore, the art styles of Scarlet & Violet cards are a huge selling point for the era, art and special art rare cards are truly wonderful to collect and enjoy, with their impressive and complex designs. Other factors for budding collectors include investment potential, many consider Pokémon cards a worthwhile and potentially fruitful investment, as long as you know what you're doing, though remember this is not investment advice! Lastly, is the fun of it! Collecting Pokémon cards is a brilliantly enjoyable hobby, allowing many of us to revisit experiences from our childhoods and to build impressive collections. This new set allows collectors to expand, to add Pokémon from the Paldea region, with fresh characters and designs. 

Criteria for Card Value

Determining the value of your favourite cards is a simple process, but influenced by various factors. 


  • Rarity Symbols: Generally, cards marked with rarity symbols, illustration and special illustration rares, for example, are more valuable. 
  • Limited editions: Special, unique or limited edition cards often carry a higher value due to their limited availability. 


  • Mint Condition: It is worth remembering that cards in mint or near-mint condition are almost always worth more than their lower quality counterparts. Factors such as centering, edges and surface quality are all considerations worthy of note.
  • Graded Cards: Cards that are professionally graded by recognised authorisations, such as PSA, or Ace Grading are more limited, and thus command a higher fee. 


  • Competitive Use: Cards that align with the current meta, and are useful in competitive play are sought after and therefore have increased value. 

Artwork & Type:

  • Artist Popularity: Pokémon cards that are designed and illustrated by well known, popular artists, or those featuring unique artworks can attract collectors. 
  • Type: The type of card can influence the price they command, for example Alternate Arts and Special Illustration Rares can cost collectors the heftiest prices. 

Other factors play their part too, these include Market Trends and Historical Significance, both of which can influence the price of your prized cards. Understanding these criteria will help collectors and players alike make informed decisions about the value of their collection, as well as cards to invest in, cards to hold and cards to sell. Maintaining a keen interest in the Pokémon scene and recognising market trends, coupled with effectively storing your collection can significantly increase their price over time. 

Top 10 Most Valuable Scarlet & Violet Pokémon Cards:

This list, written in June 2024 will not include Twilight Masquerade cards whilst their prices are still settling just after release. Furthermore, it will not include unique stamped, or promo versions of cards that aren't wholly accessible. The top 10 are:


10. Iron Crown ex (TEF 206) 29.80


9. Charizard ex (MEW 183) £29.80


8. Iono (PAL 269) £31.50


7. Magikarp (PAL 203) £34.05


6. Roaring Moon ex (PAR 251) £36.61


5. Charizard ex (OBF 223) £39.97


4. Raging Bolt ex (TEF 208) £41.72


3. Mew ex (PAF 232) £50.22


2. Charizard ex (MEW 199) £72.37


1. Charizard ex (PAF 234) £79.18



Where to buy Scarlet & Violet cards?

We might be biased, but we strongly believe our storefront offers great value to you as a Pokémon TCG collector. Competitive pricing and uncompromising quality are central tenants here at Aards Cards Ltd, thus you should look no further than our storefront. Or check out any of our expansion collections, 151 is by no means a bad place to start. We also recommend you refer to our previous blog, which touches on card storage so you can keep your new cards in tip-top condition. 


Collecting Pokémon Scarlet & Violet cards offers a unique opportunity to engage with the latest innovations in the Pokémon TCG. With the introduction of new mechanics like Terastal and the return of "ex" cards, these sets provide both strategic depth and aesthetic appeal. By focusing on criteria such as rarity, condition, playability, artwork, and market trends, collectors can build a valuable and diverse collection. Whether you're a competitive player or a dedicated collector, Scarlet & Violet cards are a worthwhile addition to your portfolio. Happy collecting!

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